I draw from Hakomi, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, parts-work, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and expressive arts. All of my work is informed by the latest research in trauma, attachment, neurobiology, and relationships.


Trauma Informed

Most of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives. When left unresolved, the symptoms of trauma can manifest in all sorts of ways that limit our lives. In order to move past our blockages and experience our fullest potential, we must heal our traumatic wounds. This is not a once and for all treatment, but rather a ongoing process, that leads us deeper and closer to self love, acceptance, and peace. To do so, I employ mindfulness exercises, experiential explorations, and self-love practices.


Somatic Psychotherapy

Our bodies are our first and primal home, the vessels that hold our souls, and the vehicles in which we travel through life. They hold ancient wisdom and reveal the contents of our subconscious material. In our work together, we use somatic (body-based) therapies to access core beliefs and ways of being. We also turn toward the body as a resource to strengthen, ground, center, contain, and release. Somatic work is experiential and focused in the present moment.