Eve Arbel, MA



I came to this work in order to find my way to offer healing in this world. It is my goal to hold hope amidst the darkness, spread positive consciousness, and support the blooming and blossoming of the people I work with. 

There are many pieces of my journey towards becoming a therapist. In healing my own chronic illness and pain, I have become a dedicated practitioner of yoga, pilates, and mindfulness. Since childhood, I have been a sensitive empath, and aware of the imbalances in our culture. This is why I chose to study Peace and Conflict Studies and Practice of Art as an undergrad at UC Berkeley. I also took courses in acupressure to gain tools for holistic health. I earned my Master's Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

In my work with clients, I integrate all of these different pieces-- art, movement, holistic health, and cultural awareness. I view healing as a spiral process. With each movement towards growth, we circle back around to our same issues, but with a new, deeper understanding, and closer and closer to the core. I am honored to support my clients in their healing journeys, and touched by the bravery and resilience they share.